3 Steps to Heaven | #MyFridayStory №220

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The story of Christmas is lost.

For as long as humans have walked the earth, we’ve tried to tame nature and control our environment. After we had sorted out shelter, food, and safety we moved onto higher attributes such as love, self-esteem, and self-actualisation. This progress helped create enough order amongst the chaos and left us believing we can control everything.

The ability to control — or predict — the future, has helped advance our species to great heights.

Making life easier, healthier, and more convenient drives human progress. We’ve gone from having scarce resources to an over-abundance — much more than we’ll ever need in our lifetimes. In his book, Enlightenment Now, Harvard professor and cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker claimed that by almost every metric of human wellbeing, the world is getting better. Everything from war, violence, and poverty — all declining — to health, wealth, happiness, and equality — all improving.

Then, why does it feel as if the world’s gone mad?

In a tribe, everyone shares the same values and traditions as the community. They can identify with each other as individuals and as a community. According to Seth Godin, there’s no more powerful connection than saying:

“People like us do things like this.”

In our desire to progress and create a “safe” environment for all people, we’ve sterilised aspects of life. The story of Christmas is an example. It’s so sterile, it’s almost beyond recognition. As a Christian, I was told the New Testament Bible story of Christmas — the one about Jesus’ birth. My Parents raised my Brother, Sisters, and me as a tribe of functioning, broken Christians. Nothing about belonging to the tribe was sugar-coated or made to sound easy. We’d have to sacrifice comfort, face undue judgment, and be treated unkindly by some.

But, just trying to be good and do good does not guarantee you a place in Heaven. Unfortunately, there aren’t 3 simple steps you can follow to gain acceptance into Heaven. Our quest to control every area of our lives, makes us believe we can manoeuvre our way into God’s favour. There’s no sterilised version of being a member of the Tribe. It says that in your ugly, dirty, brokenness you are safe and loved.

Santa Claus, and giving and receiving gifts are part of how we celebrate Christmas today. But every tribe member must ensure that the real story — the one about Baby Jesus — lives on.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!


As always, thanks for reading 🙏




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Frans Nel

Frans Nel

Curiousor and curiousor

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