Because It’s Worth It | #MyFridayStory №227

Some idiosyncrasies we pick up from our parents and upbringing are worth losing.

Others we hold onto with fond hearts as something peculiar that we share. I share my Father’s way of eating — often using my hands whilst getting bits of food all over my face. I love good food. Like my Mother, I often tilt my head over to one side when listening to someone speak. It helps me listen more carefully. My Brother’s love for learning rubbed off on me. I remain curious and humble.

My Dad loved cars. His favourite make was a Ford — with a penchant for the faster, bigger V8 models. For as long as I can remember, we had at least two Fords standing in our driveway — not all in working order. As an aircraft engineer himself, my Dad enjoyed fixing motorcars. This meant there was often a car on a ramp with its hood up in the air, with my Dad’s legs sticking out from under the car. As a young boy, I was often called into action to hand tools to my Dad as he called out what he needed.

“3/4 ring-spanner!” “Thin-nose pliers!”

I learned a lot about motorcars and engines, but I made up my mind I was never going to fix my own car one day — if I could help it. For me, it is worth spending the money to have an expert fix the car.

As working-class folks, my Parents were frugal with their money. They loved preparing meals and spending time in the kitchen. It was the space where they spent the most time with family and friends eating, drinking and chatting. Having good quality pots, pans, a stove and a large oven to handle the volumes was imperative. My Dad bought top quality industrial food preparation appliances only found in abattoirs and bakeries. The double-door, fridge-freezer — with built-in ice-maker — my Parents bought in 1970, is still in duty today.

After saving up, my Parents invested in an oak bedroom suite with a quality mattress in the late sixties. It has outlived them both. My Dad loved photography. He owned a Hasselblad when I was small — the same camera used on the moon landings. Later, he switched to Nikon cameras. My Brother and I loved playing the guitar. My Dad came back from a trip to the United States with two Ovation round back guitars — a six-string and a twelve-string.

After writing about my Brother’s love for shaving, I purchased a boars hair shaving brush. A few months later, clumps of the hair started falling out. After doing some research, I invested in a silvertip badger hair shaving brush. The new shaving experience — indulgent as it may sound — is pampering at its best.

There are certain things in life when spending a little extra. At least as much as you can afford. The joy is greater and the cost is less over time.

Here are some items worth considering spending more on.

Your education, a medical aid, a good pair of work shoes and if you like running, good running shoes. A good pen and bag or briefcase for work, and at home if you like music, a good sound system. And if you drive, buy a safe car.

What items do you spend a little extra on?

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏



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