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Frans Nel
2 min readFeb 3, 2023
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A scarcity mindset prevents us from being generous.

When you fear losing out — now or in future — your tendency is to self-preserve. People I know who live a life of generosity also live a life of abundance. An abundant mindset promotes generosity.

I have been on the receiving end of acts of generosity — small and large — my whole life. So have you. We all have. People appear on the scene as if sent, to lend a hand, share a meal, listen, and offer a shoulder to lean on. Often, these people seem able to pour from an empty cup. They are not materially well-off themselves but are still able to be generous.

Emotional and material generosity both stem from an abundant mindset. In a society that values a person’s material and social status and sees it as an indicator of their character, being generous isn’t easy. Generous people are not concerned with self-image or success or power. The people that are generous, with their talents, their money, their time, their homes, with their hearts, aren’t afraid of running out.

Richard Rohr gives a great layperson’s interpretation of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. He would say, “The first half of life is the task that we think is our primary task. The second half of life is really the task within the task that a lot of people never get to because they’re so preoccupied with the first task, which is all about making money, getting an education, raising children, and paying a mortgage. It’s about tradition, law, structure, authority, and identity. It’s about why I’m significant, why I’m important, why I matter, why I’m good.”

Richard goes on to explain. “Most of us are so invested in these first-half-of-life tasks by the age of forty that we can’t imagine there’s anything more to life. But if we stay there, it remains all about me. How can I be important? How can I be safe? How can I be significant? How can I make money? How can I look good? And how can I die a happy death and go to heaven?” It becomes a matter of survival rather than one of abundance.

First and second half-life tasks that include being generous lead to a life well lived. When you decide to live a life of abundance, where you can be generous to people around you that need your generosity, you live a happier life.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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