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My Brother always used to say, a university degree proves you can be taught.

Being teachable is a skill that can be learnt. Learning something new takes effort. Not momentary attention or a mere glimpse, but sustained saturation until you’re competent. There is an understanding when you are entering into the process of learning, that it will take some time before you are competent. There is no shortcut or easier way to gain competence, it will need effort over some time.

My Brother was 11 years older than me. So, when I was in grade 1, he was in grade 12. For reasons I’ll never understand, he took me under his wing as his protégé. For his whole life, my Brother was in learn mode. He soaked up every bit of content he could consume in whatever format to — grapple with and eventually — grasp, a new concept or topic. My Brother loved learning.

After graduating from high school and completing his military service, he went to study to become a doctor. After passing top of his class in his second year, he switched degrees to study theology. He studied at university for almost 11 years and ended with 3 degrees — theology, Ancient Greek and Hebrew. Throughout those years, from time to time, my Brother would take me along to his classes at university. He exposed me to academia early to encourage a love for learning.

Somewhere along the way of being an eager learner, you also become a teacher.

My Brother never stopped learning. He never lost his curiosity and deep desire to learn something new. And with all that learning came great knowledge and wisdom. My Brother only dispensed his wisdom to those willing to learn. In me, he found a willing and eager student. As my mentor, teacher, educator and spiritual guide, my Brother shared his great mind whenever I asked.

A university degree doesn’t make you clever. You can’t get smart by attendance. You have to be present and teachable. Going through the motions of attendance and hoping to learn is where many people go wrong. Not only in education, but in life too. Being willing to be wrong is where learning begins. Some things we need to un-learn to learn something new. Accepting that you could be wrong, and being vulnerable, is integral to the learning process.

My Brother taught me to learn to love to learn.

There is humility and generosity in learning. There is a kind of taking and giving at the same time. It’s an act of love wanting to learn something new so that you can make the world a better place.

The value of an education in the hands of someone that can be taught will make ripples for generations to come.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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Originally published at https://medium.com on May 13, 2022.



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