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Who do you wish could be your lifelong mentor?

Imagine growing up privileged to have Mozart as your music tutor; Albert Einstein helped with your science and maths homework; Leonardo da Vinci gave you art lessons; after school, you played one-bounce with in the garden and; the Apostle Paul was your best friend . What a head start your life would have.

If the Three Rs -reading, writing and ‘rithmetic-form the foundation of our schooling, mastering them is essential for proper learning to happen . Without these in place, learning would be difficult at best. There are many elements that must fall into place to ensure a child has the best foundation for future learning . But living in a stable home and family environment is more than half the battle won.

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. They are like sponges soaking up every move, every sight, sound, and nuance to help navigate the future. Moving from toddler to schooling age, their desire to learn is in full swing. Fostering a love for learning at this early stage, creates a lifelong love for learning.

For reasons I will never quite understand, my older Brother loved me and took me under his wing. I was born 11 years after him. We are four siblings, with two Sisters born between his birth and mine. My Brother was born post-WWII during tough times. My parents lived in a government housing project close to an airport. My Brother busied himself by reading, learning, and experimenting.

My Brother was graduating from high school the year I started school at the age of 6. After high school, he decided to study medicine. After successfully completing his second year of medicine, he felt compelled to study theology . He devoted the next 8 years to complete degrees in theology, ancient Greek, and Hebrew.

The knowledge and wisdom my Brother gained from his deep desire to learn everything and anything wasn’t kept to himself . He imparted his knowledge with a careful and gentle hand. Although he had so much general information he could share on any topic, it was The Bible that most guided his council . With God as the centre of his life, my Brother remained balanced and humble.

My Brother taught me one-on-one about the most important things in life. He taught me how to be a good person with love in their heart and kindness as the point of departure. He taught me that all difficult things are worth it in the end. He made me fall in love with the learning process. He showed me by example, how to be a better man.

For someone curious about the Bible and its meaning, having a theologian as an older brother was my biggest blessing . Through a lifelong friendship that lasted 57 years, my built-in mentor shaped, moulded, and coerced my character into something a little better than it was before .

I am a product of a man who loved his little brother so much that he devoted the rest of his life to make him a better person. That amount of attention from the right source can only be a good thing. I still don’t understand completely why my Brother took so much care and time with me, it is overwhelming to think of it.

I will forever be in his debt for being my lifelong live-in mentor and guru.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

Originally published at on May 28, 2021.



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