God is Never in a Rush | #MyFridayStory №247

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In some ways, it can feel as if you are being persecuted for your sins.

I could see the tragedy unfolding in front of my eyes. It was like watching an accident happen. I was caught in treacherous waters by surprise. I developed beads of sweat on my top lip as my stomach twisted in a knot. Fear and anxiety squeezed my chest without relief.

How could this happen?

I was accused of lying to a client.

Within the first year at Leap First, I took on a partner to assist in the growing business. Working closely with our clients, she would be more involved in the operational elements, I handled the strategic side. Towards the end of the first year, we signed up a new client through an agent. We conducted a detailed strategy with the senior team of the company. The outcome directed us with a new set of objectives and initiatives to address in the coming year.

We introduced new suppliers and had meetings with all the stakeholders to set the strategy in motion. We introduced social media and PR into the current mix of media exposure. As part of the strategy, we undertook a brand facelift to better position the brand in their target audience’s mind. We developed a new website with greater functionality and a better user experience.

We were a few months into executing the strategy, and on a Friday evening, I received a call from the agent. She said Leap First was removed from the account immediately due to misrepresentation. They said the client had been informed and agreed to the cancellation of our contract. She continued to say she would institute legal procedures against Leap First.

The life drained out of me as I listened with disbelief. How could this happen? My mind was racing to try to figure out what I was being accused of and what I had done.

I prayed for some way out of this nightmare.

I had developed a great relationship with the owner and her son who was also a partner in the business. They were humble and God-fearing people. They had deep compassion and empathy for people, especially previously disadvantaged folks. We struck up a deeper relationship based on these common values and principles. We shared thoughts and ideas and exchanged spiritual and inspirational messages. I respected them both and they taught me so much.

I decided to call the client, there and then. She told me the agent had accused Leap First of breach of contract due to misrepresentation. She took the advice to cancel on the agent’s insistence. The agent believed Leap First was acting in parallel to her operation, a violation according to her contract with Leap First. I asked the client who she would rather be working with. She said she would prefer to work with Leap First. She contacted the agent and told her they wanted to remain with Leap First.

Leap First parted ways with the agent and kept the client. The client called to give me the news. I felt relief drain over my body. I thanked her dearly. Before she ended the call she said, “Frans, you must always remember”:

“God is never in a rush. But He is always on time”.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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