How to Make Someone Fall for You | #MyFridayStory №18

It’s a compelling thought that you could get someone to fall in love with you, don’t you think?

Although I haven’t dated in a while, I’m sure the rules of engagement haven’t changed too much! Granted, online dating and apps like might have changed the way some people meet for the first time, but you still have to eventually meet in person for a romantic relationship to form.

A lot happens when you take a fancy to someone you have either seen, spoken to, or met. That first spark of interest; the feeling of butterflies in your stomach; signals an army of hormones into action. Your adrenaline spikes, causing you to sweat and blush, while increasing your heart rate. Your body starts to produce Oxytocin — a hormone also released during orgasm — while your brain pumps the reward chemical dopamine, into the mix. Dopamine is the same chemical that is active in people with addiction problems such as gambling or cocaine.

I mention this to support the notion — love can make you crazy.

York psychologist, Professor Arthur Aron, has been intrigued by why people fall in love since 1967. He was a first-year psychology student at UC Berkley. Over the next 50 years, his research has revealed some great insights. (Here’s a 3 minute clip on The Science of Love.) Yet, the magic of love remains an elusive enigma that can’t be scientifically reproduced or explained.

As a brand, making customers fall in love with you IS possible.

All it takes to be loved as a brand, is to keep your promises. Your customers will not only remain faithful and loyal, their love will grow each time you fulfill your promise. Every encounter your brand has with the client, is an opportunity to reinforce and deepen the love. When the love is this deep, a minor transgression is more likely to be forgiven, and the relationship usually strong enough to survive.

A brand is more than a pretty logo and a clever strap line. It’s a contract between two willing parties that what you are falling in love with, will love you right back.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Originally published at on July 26, 2020.



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