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Frans Nel
5 min readDec 31, 2020


This year, if you could save the life of someone you love and care about, would you?

If you or someone you love smokes nicotine productsplease read on.

There are few guarantees in life. Much of life is open to chance. Were it not true, there would be no need for insurance. Death and taxes are said to be life’s only guarantees, where taxes remain an option for some. The quality of the guarantee on products and services can make or break a decision to buy. Sadly, guarantees are rarely as good as their promise.

When you find a guarantee worth the paper it is written on-that delivers exactly the results promised with no small print, and no hidden agenda to try make an extra buck- it is worth shouting about.

Many of us believe the world needs more of our advice. We believe our worldview and life experience provides us with knowledge worth sharing. Strange that so few of us like receiving advice but have no holds sharing ours -with or without them asking.

For advice to be relevant and meaningful, context or perspective matters a lot. You wouldn’t take swimming lessons from someone who can’t swim or financial advice from a pauper. We buy self-help books authored by successful people because of their proven track record. We look to folks who can say, “Been there; done that; nailed it!”

When it comes to quitting smoking, I get the Oscar.

I smoked more than a pack of Camels a day for over 22 years. At one point, I was smoking — and inhaling10 cigars a day. Once I tried using a “will-power” method and started smoking again after 8 months. 5 years after quitting using Allen Carr’s Method, I “accidentally” became addicted after smoking a Hubbly (Hookah). I was told — and foolishly believed — there is no nicotine in the molasses.

Again, I knew I can’t do it alone. Allen Carr’s Method worked on me before and I had no doubt it would work again. I was betting on it.

And sure enough, I walked out “healed” again.

But 3-weeks after I quit, I relapsed. It’s a little tragic, but my girlfriend at the time decided to end our relationship. I went to the shops and bought a pack knowing I would be calling Allen Carr’s Clinic in the morning. They offer 3 free follow-up clinics in the first 3 months should you feel vulnerable to relapse and need help.

I’ve successfully used Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinic on three separate occasions to overcome my addiction to tobacco.

I’ve been a non-smoker for over 7-years. Notice I didn’t say ex-smoker.

Here’s the rub- inside every smoker is a non-smoker dying to get out.

If you ask a smoker why they fear quitting, they will mention one or more of the following reasons.

  • “I don’t have the will-power”
  • “I will want to eat more and gain weight”
  • “I enjoy my ‘special smoke’ too much — like after a nice meal or with a cup of coffee”
  • “I’ve smoked for too long — it would shock my system if I stopped”
  • “I don’t like failing — I’m sure I’ll relapse”
  • “I’m too old, what’s the point?”
  • “I’m still young — I still have lots of time to quit”

A non-smoker’s eyes glaze over, and they wonder how anyone could allow themselves to get addicted to such a horrible habit. A smoker breaks out in a sweat at the mere thought of being without their smokes. For someone addicted to nicotine, even the of quitting triggers fear.

Ask a smoker to go back to when they had their very first cigarette, you will find they hated it. You must persevere through at least a dozen ciggies before your body and mind click into the rhythm known as addiction.

As a drug, nicotine is almost as addictive as heroin.

The same neurotransmitter — dopamine — is triggered by nicotine and by heroin. Dopamine is the feel-good chemical released by the brain. As you start to chase the next “fix” of dopamine, so you become more addicted. But nicotine’s half-life — how long it is active in your system — is only 3 days. This means within 3-days, the drug is no longer responsible for your cravings. After 3-days if you are experiencing cravings, it’s in your head, it is not withdrawal.

Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinic to Stop Smoking offers a money-back guarantee to get you to quit smoking. They budget to give back around 10% of the money-they boast a 90% success rate. Where they fail is when folks aren’t honest with themselves about wanting to quit.

You won’t see Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinic advertised anywhere in a magazine, on a billboard or TV. Their marketing strategy is brilliantly simple. Every newly anointed non-smoker is instructed to give this answer when asked how they managed to quit:

If I can do it, you can do it!

This year, save the life of someone you love. Leap first and become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Happy New Year!!!

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

From Discovery Health ~ Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking is one of the most successful smoking cessation programmes in the world. They deal with the real problem — the mental addiction. Once this is effectively achieved, withdrawal becomes easy to manage and no willpower is required. Most smokers require one five-hour session with smoke breaks throughout. Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking is endorsed by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) and have branches countrywide. With a 33-year track record and 150 Clinics in over 50 countries, they are the only company to offer a unique money-back guarantee.

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