Mothers of Men (and Women) | #MyFridayStory №201 | Leap First

There’s arguably no greater love than the love between a mother and her child.

Maybe because it’s less common, it’s intriguing when a deep bond exists between a son and his mother. History seems to highlight those cases as exceptions rather than the rule. Many stories behind their intimate relationship reveal a mother resolute on preparing her son to be special one day. The early love and encouragement of a parent-especially a mother-can help set a child up for future success.

Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric for 2 decades, called his Mom, “The most influential person in my life “ Jack mentions how his Mom, Grace Welch taught him the value of competition. He wrote in his memoirs before his death, “If I have any leadership style, a way of getting the best out of people, I owe it to her. She always had opinions of the people she met. She could ‘smell a phoney a mile away.’” One of her favourite expressions was, ‘ Don’t kid yourself. That’s the way it is.’”

, Eve was herself an entrepreneurial spirit. She made cushions and wooden tissue boxes to sell at Harrod’s to make ends meet. Her zest for life manifested in several different career paths, and her hustle inspired her son to create one of the most iconic brands on earth . . I think I soon realised that if I were to satisfy her wishes for her son, I had to do some pretty extraordinary things in my life .” “She did quite a lot of adventurous things herself,” Richard says, “And she sort of expected it of her sons, so I had a lot to live up to

was the sole breadwinner for her three sons after her divorce from their father. She dedicated her life to improving the futures of her sons. Elon describes his mother’s work ethic and example as a driving force behind him and his brother’s success. They lived in a small, rent-controlled apartment and his mother held down many jobs to afford them an education . In 1996, Maye donated all her savings to help with their business expenses. She calls it her, “ Best investment ever “.

There have been many influential women in my life, none more than my Mom.

If you can imagine an Angel. With compassionate eyes and a warm gentle smile. Her head tilted to one side as she gazes at you, basking in how much she loves you. She greets you with such enthusiasm and joy, every visit feels like the return of the Prodigal Son. Her default mode is to listen. You are never bored in her presence. She loves making jokes and is well-known for her bouts of rapturous laughter.

Considering her intimate love for God, her intentions have no malice or agenda except for your good . She is happiest when she is being a blessing to others. The smallest gift she cherishes like it’s a rare treasure. And “the giver “ is always left feeling honoured. She dispels wisdom when she speaks. Her innocence and naiveté only add to her loving nature and appeal. Children are drawn to her and gather at her feet. Always the Mother, she places the needs of her children before her own.

My Mom shaped my view of women. Always to be respected and revered. Never to be underestimated or belittled. To be treated like the bearer of a precious gift. Their strength and “ deursettingsvermoë “-staying power-will astound you. They’ll leave you in awe of how they overcome any of life’s challenges with grace.

To Women Everywhere, (especially the Moms)

Happy Women’s Month!

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

Originally published at on August 13, 2021.



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