On Being Human | #MyFridayStory №2

October 17th was International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. For most of us, it passed like any other day. If you have a safe place to sleep, food in your belly, and you’re healthy, you’re better off than many other people on this planet.

Almost 800 Million people — one in nine people — are undernourished and unable to live a healthy life, according to The World Hunger Statistics. Statistics for South Africa are even more alarming. Between 10 and 20 children die each day due to starvation. More than 30 million people — over 50% of the population — are considered poor, half of which are living in extreme poverty — living on less than US$1 per day.

For all our knowledge and advancements in areas such as medicine and technology, doesn’t it seem hypocritical to celebrate anything we have achieved as significant, if we haven’t managed to reduce poverty? The UN and a lot of other organisations and governments have pledged to achieve a global zero by the year 2030 — a lofty, and noble challenge.

So how can you help?

Generosity never goes out of fashion, it never goes stale, costs nothing, and it never runs out.

Giving is how we show we care.

Giving is how we make a difference.

Whether you give your time or material, by being generous — especially to those less fortunate — a sense of purpose and fulfillment results… plus, it makes us more human, don’t you think?

Originally published at https://www.leapfirst.co.za on July 7, 2020.



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