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Nothing worthwhile can prepare you for what the future might hold for you.

I was having a look to see which of my posts and which #MyFridayStory had the most engagement over the past year. It was interesting to note that Match to Miracle had the highest views and comments. I read the story to refresh my memory and was struck by how things turned out, despite how certain I was of the future. Even more interesting, Grieving and Grateful came in a close second.

I ended 2021 as I end every year, contemplating the year that was and casting my mind forward to consider what can be for the year ahead. At the beginning of 2020, I wrote in large, coloured chalk letters on my kitchen noticeboard:

“God is in control.”

That was up until the beginning of this year when I changed it to:

“Focus on Jesus.”

In Match to Miracle, published Friday the 27th of May 2022, I talk of the privilege of bringing life into the world. I close by mentioning my little Granddaughter is arriving sometime toward the end of October. And like her older brother did 4 years earlier, our Cherub arrived early. She was born on 22 September 2022. Tragically, she died on the 3rd of October.

Grieving and Grateful was published Friday 7 October 2022. At first, finding strength and courage in the trauma was difficult. Help came from all quarters and took on many forms. It was humbling, the outpouring of love and support for me, but more so for my Son and Daughter-in-law. Their approach in handling her sudden death was and remains healthy and balanced. They have found some comfort in knowing her passing is not in vain but for a yet unknown greater purpose.

Since my Granddaughters memorial in October until recently, life’s challenges have continued. And sprinkled between, the blessings haven’t stopped either. I decided to close my company after more than 6 years of going it alone. In August, I joined my lifelong friends to assist in taking their pie brand to even greater heights. Although we have experienced many external challenges, we’ve managed to ride them out. We’ve emerged bruised but wiser and stronger than before.

God is in control. Focus on Jesus, or wherever you find your guidance, in contemplative silence. This provides the space for you to listen. The world is unpredictable and messy. The world is beautiful and inspiring. Listen so you can be decerning with your time and energy, that you spend more in awe of the beauty and splendour of it all. Finding the silver lining in every situation is not easy. Certainly, there are times it’s not appropriate. But being open to life happening for a greater purpose than we can understand is a good start.

Such preparation for the future is worthwhile.

Xochitl Dixon from Our Daily Bread writes, “God understands the many ways we process and struggle with emotions. He invites us to grieve with honesty and vulnerability. Even when sorrow seems endless and unbearable, God affirms that He hasn’t and won’t change. With this promise, He comforts us and empowers us to be grateful for His presence.”

As I take stock of the year that was, I’m grateful for His presence in my life. I’m also grateful for your presence in my life. You have journeyed with me through the past year, encouraging and supporting me. You’ve kept me motivated and excited. How can I thank you enough for the great privilege you have afforded me? I’ll start by saying a heartfelt, “Thank you!”

Happy New Year Everybody!

Have an awesome New Year’s celebration and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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