The Blessings That Flow | #MyFridayStory №309

Frans Nel
4 min readNov 3, 2023
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Silver linings look their best when contrasted against the darkest clouds.

On the 30th of May this year, I was hospitalised after being T-boned in an intersection by an 18-wheeler on my scooter. Miraculously, I only suffered a broken femur but the ensuing journey back to recovery revealed how blessings flow from challenges.

So many incidents and events that have occurred over the past 5 months have left me breathless. Love and compassion oozes in every direction. One such kind gesture set in motion a chain of events that manifested into something special and treasured in my daily routine.

My cell phone was in the left pocket where the truck hit my leg and was also broken with the impact. With my leg in traction, I lay on the tarmac in the same spot where I landed, for four hours waiting for an ambulance. I was then taken to the hospital emergency room to be booked in for surgery. The accident happened at 7:45 in the morning. They found me a bed at 17:45 that evening.

Due to various missteps and delays due to the state’s bureaucratic ineptitude, I ended up staying in the hospital for 26 days. The surgery on my leg only took place on day 24. For the first 12 days of my stay in the hospital, I had no phone or other means of communication or source of entertainment. I liked it that way. For those days, I immersed myself in my surroundings. I had time to contemplate what had happened and how to respond.

My friend and mentor asked my kids what their Dad needed. When he heard I had no phone, he gifted me one of his previous handsets. Although all the data had been scrubbed, the settings and apps were all still on the phone. On the home screen were two radio station apps — HOT 102.7 FM and 702. For context remember, I was lying in a bed, flat on my back with my broken leg in traction, with no place to go — I couldn’t move out of my position in that bed.

With hours to pass, I found myself listening to HOT 102.7 FM more and more. Then, I stopped listening to 702 completely.

HOT FM helped get me through the coming days and weeks.

After I left the hospital until today, it’s been a companion. The radio station and streaming service have become a staple in my daily content consumption. I don’t watch much television except for a few sports matches, but I love reading and listening to decent content. What I watch, read or listen to should be interesting, informative, entertaining, and relevant. HOT 102.7 FM hit that mark 100% of the time.

“Playing Joburg’s Best Old Skool and R&B”

I’m an early ’60s baby, born on the cusp of “the Lost Generation” and “The Baby Boomers”. My generation arguably had the best music throughout our years growing up. I had a Brother 11 years older who loved music and taught me to love the music of his generation too. My Mom and Dad also loved music and exposed us to their generation’s music, gifting me with a love for music across generations and genres.

Since I discovered HOT 102.7 FM on my friend’s phone, I haven’t stopped listening to the station — day and night. Their line-up of DJs (called “announcers” now) — especially in the mornings and the afternoons, when they do talk, will have you in stitches. Otherwise, you will only hear awesome music. What is really cool, at 7 pm here in South Africa, the radio station becomes “Classic FM” and plays well-known and easy-listening classic music, also presented brilliantly.

To top it all, the station also does a lot of good in the Joburg community. Hot Cares is their charity arm that helps the underprivileged, or any worthy cause or person that needs help. They help with anything, from surgery to groceries, to prosthetics and blankets, their community involvement reaches the most vulnerable and those having it a little tough. In a recent telethon, they raised over R19 million for 2024’s donations.

Lastly — and my favourite — on Sunday mornings, Rev. Shona from the Anglican church conducts a sermon filled with rich insights and beautifully curated music that will leave you charged and energised for the day and week ahead.

I am not getting paid for this endorsement; I’m merely taking what my friend and mentor gifted me and paying it forward! Enjoy.

Have an awesome weekend and please remember to be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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