The Paradox of Christian Life | #MyFridayStory №321

Frans Nel
3 min readFeb 9, 2024
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Life as a Christian is full of dichotomies.

We’re called to be in the world but not of it. To walk by faith yet live grounded in reality. To have peace amidst chaos and joy despite sorrow.

I see this play out in my own life all the time. Like when I’m stressed about work but then remember God’s in control. Or when I’m anxious about the future but recall His plans to prosper me.

The other day a friend asked how I could be so happy when there’s so much craziness in the world. Wars, hatred, division and pandemics, — you name it. I thought for a minute then shared what I’ve learned.

This world will always have trouble. Jesus told us that. There will be chaos, confusion, and crisis after crisis. But as Christians, we have a source of stability and hope within. Our faith equips us not just to cope but to overcome.

I choose joy because I know Who holds the future. I choose faith over fear because I know God’s in charge. And I choose peace because no matter what storms rage outside, my soul is anchored. That doesn’t mean I don’t have hard days. I absolutely do. I get anxious, angry, and overwhelmed just like anyone else. But my hope is in Him alone. And that makes all the difference, getting me through those lows and back on my feet.

Living a good life means learning to embrace godly wisdom over worldly ways. It’s viewing life through the lens of God’s sovereignty rather than circumstances. It’s relying on His strength to sustain us through both blessings and trials.

This dichotomy often feels more like a battle than a balancing act. Choosing faith while the world screams fear. Opting for ethical choices while others cut corners. Extending mercy as judgment reigns.

But as exhausting as it can feel, I know God doesn’t call us to this life alone. His very Spirit empowers us daily. When we are weak, He makes us strong. When we don’t have answers, He reminds us that He does.

Truly living as a Christian is an ongoing paradox. We cling to hope while facing huge challenges. We have joy amidst pain. Peace in chaos. Certainty despite unanswered questions. It’s a walk of faith that makes little sense to nonbelievers.

We hold eternity in mind while fully engaged in the present. We serve a God who loves unconditionally while calling us to obedience. We rest in grace yet remain motivated for our mission. We live counter-culturally yet care deeply for our culture.

This paradox stretches us and reminds us that this world is not our home. It fuels our fire for Kingdom-impact and drives us closer to God. We walk this tightrope many days, tense yet trusting that He who calls us higher will catch us when we inevitably fall.

So, we fix our gazes heavenward. We soak our roots deeply in His Word. And we keep stepping forward in faith, confident that His grace will empower us for each day.

This is the paradoxical life we’re called to. It’s difficult yet doable. Exhausting yet exhilarating. A battle and a blessing all in one.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because living all-in today is preparing us to live forever at home with Him. And that makes every tension now worthwhile.

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