The Right to Prosper | #MyFridayStory №178

This past Sunday, I was listening to Billy Idol on my headphones when I got the urge-or I’m “called”-to pray.

One of the greatest privileges I have working from home is that I can go into my bedroom anytime I like to kneel and pray. This compelling feeling happens to me 4 or 5 times a day-and if I can, I submit. I paused Rebel Yell and went into my room to pray. I was kneeling on the side of my bed, and as is often the case, I had no idea what or why I was compelled to pray. I had “attended” church online in the morning and although it was 1 p.m. I opened like I usually do, by thanking God for the day.

Still not sure what to pray for, I started closing the prayer. I leave God with a few requests at the end of my prayers. I ask that He brings relief to the poor; that He allows the elderly to feel worthy; comforts the lonely; brings joy to those that are sad; softens the hearts of the angry; and that He shares His love with the marginalised, victimised and everyone treated with injustice. While I was mentally ticking off my list of requests, I felt the urge to ask for something I have never asked before. I know I’ve wished it and secretly wanted to ask God, but never did:

“God, please allow my little family to prosper.”

My childhood Calvinistic indoctrination meant I wouldn’t dare ask for prosperity. That was like asking God for more than what you’re already fortunate enough to have. He already blessed you with what you have. Asking for “more” felt like blasphemy to my staunchly conservative upbringing. So, from when I was small, I remember making up my mind, I will be like King Solomon. To my young mind, I understood that God was granting Solomon his wish for wisdom because he didn’t ask for wealth, fame, and power. But God gave these to him on top of abundant wisdom.

Wisdom became my go-to quality when “asking” God for something.

As I uttered the words silently out my mouth, I sucked a deep breath and burst out crying. My stomach was in my throat, and I felt nauseous. I buried my head in my duvet as I knelt by my bed. I knew exactly why I was crying. Like someone flipped a switch in my brain. And while asking, I knew it was possible. I believed this request is endorsed by God. My smallness and awe at the moment felt overwhelming and swept over me like a tsunami. The tears were tears of joy.

It felt as if God Himself was reassuring me that it would be so.

Awe gripped and held me in that state for a while. It was as if I had to be held in that state of belief. I was doing something counter to my nature. The urge to resist and never ask would normally take charge. But this never felt selfish, only humbly possible. To grasp how big this is, asking for anything more than “our daily bread,” was a sure way to anger God. And that God’s wrath should not be taken for granted.

To me until now, as a Christian, if you “ do what is right”, God would “favour” you. Not materially, but He would keep you from harm and give you the strength and courage when challenged. I never thought I or anyone “deserves” any favour from God. I am here to serve Him, not the other way round. It is not a service to gain anything, it’s a self-serving duty.

Through prosperity, we can help folk who are struggling. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Prosperity does not mean you won’t suffer any hard challenges. It doesn’t mean you are favoured or blessed in any way special.

Everyone has a right to prosper. Not despite our neighbour, but because of our neighbour. People are struggling and only those that prosper can help the less privileged.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

Originally published at on March 5, 2021.



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