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A group of concerned South Africans released this declaration on apartheid to the media on Sunday. As a stimulus for much-needed constructive dialogue and due to the lively interest shown, it is re-published here in English and Afrikaans.

Deeply aware of the scars caused by the inhumane system of apartheid to our fellow citizens;

Appalled by continued insensitive and transparent efforts to avoid admitting outright that apartheid was indeed a crime against humanity;

Observing how old wounds have been reopened and distrust and division are surfacing as a result;

Taking cognisance of the spontaneous outburst of outrage in the public debate, not only from those who had suffered under apartheid, but also from those who had benefitted from it;

We as concerned citizens who have benefitted from apartheid, declare herewith that:

  1. We acknowledge that apartheid was a crime against humanity and morally indefensible,
  2. We deeply regret the suffering of our fellow citizens under that inhumane and humiliating system and express our sincere apology towards all fellow South Africans,
  3. We recognize the importance of all efforts to work towards economic restitution through diverse measures. We commit ourselves to overcoming disparities resulting from the legacy of apartheid and note with appreciation the various public-private partnerships and private sector and community initiatives to address backlogs, poverty and inequality,
  4. We also regret the fact that all South Africans were prevented from mixing freely socially and economically, thus being denied the enjoyment of the rich diversity of the Rainbow Nation and subjected to indoctrination based on fear and prejudice. It has left our society all the poorer for it.

Although we speak in our personal capacities, we represent like minded colleagues, friends and family members — we owe it to them to take a stand; we are also inspired by voices of like minded citizens expressed in the media and social networks.

Individually and collectively, we pledge our commitment towards a united, non-racial, just and equal society.

Diep bewus van die letsels wat die onmenslike sisteem van apartheid op ons landsburgers gelaat het;

Ontsteld oor die hernude onsensitiewe en deursigtige pogings om ‘n onvoorwaardelike erkenning dat apartheid inderdaad ‘n misdaad teen die mensdom is, te ontwyk;

Ons beleef hoe ou wonde weer oopgeruk is en wantroue en verdeeldheid weer posgevat het as gevolg daarvan;

Ons neem kennis van die spontane opwelling van woede in die openbare debat, nie net by hulle wat onder apartheid gely het nie, maar ook by hulle wat daardeur bevoordeel was.

Ons as besorgde burgers wat deur apartheid bevoordeel was, verklaar hiermee:

  1. Ons erken dat apartheid ‘n misdaad teen die mensdom en moreel onverdedigbaar is;
  2. Ons berou ten seerste die lyding van ons medelandgenote onder daardie onmenslike en vernederende bestel en teken onvoorwaardelik apologie aan teenoor al ons medelandgenote;
  3. Ons verbind ons tot die uitskakeling van ongelykhede voortvloeiend uit apartheid en neem met waardering kennis van diverse vennootskappe tussen die regering en die privaat sektor asook privaatsektor en gemeenskapsinisiatiewe om agterstande, armoede en ongelykheid aan te pak;
  4. Ons berou die feit dat alle Suid-Afrikaners verhoed was om vryelik op sosiaal en ekonomiese terreine te meng en sodoende ontneem is van die genieting van die ryk diversiteit van die Reënboognasie en geïndoktrineer is op die basis van vrees en vooroordeel.

Hoewel ons in ons persoonlike hoedanighede optree, verteenwoordig ons ook enersdenkende kollegas, vriende en familielede — ons is dit aan hulle verskuldig om standpunt in te neem. Ons is ook geïnspireer deur die vloedgolf stemme van ooreenstemmende denkers wat opgaan in die media en op sosiale netwerke.

Ons bevestig plegtig, in ons persoonlike hoedanighede en as kollektief, ons toewyding aan ‘n verenigde en nierassige gemeenskap met gelyke geleenthede vir almal.

Emeritus professor Willie Esterhuyse, Member of the Advisory Council of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, Stellenbosch; Dawie Jacobs, former diplomat and SA ambassador to various countries, Pretoria; Professor Wannie Carstens, Potchefstroom; Barend la Grange, Chief Operating Officer, South Africa Day, Johannesburg; Dr. Lindie Koorts, Historian at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein; Cobus Bester, Presenter and Journalist, Johannesburg; Truida Prekel, Innovation Consultant and Community Activist, Cape Town; Dr André Bartlett, Minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, Johannesburg; Ferdi Engelbrecht, Entrepreneur, Founder and Director of Privilege Foundation, Rustenburg; Foeta Krige, Journalist, Writer and former producer of RSG news actuality programmes, Johannesburg.

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Have an awesome weekend! 😄

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it tremendously 🙏

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Originally published at on July 12, 2020.



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