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Frans Nel
3 min readJan 19, 2023
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The concept of trust has lost its true meaning in modern times.

We say we trust someone because we can reliably predict their future actions. We learn this by observing a person’s character over time. We look at a person’s history of behaving with integrity.

I have slipped into the worldview of believing no one can be trusted. That’s supported by the number of vows I’ve broken that the world accepted as no big deal. You take a vow when you get married. It’s the same when you promise to remain faithful in a relationship. As an employee, you promise to deliver work that will benefit the organisation. An employer’s promise is to provide a safe environment and promised payment for a fair day’s work.


Yet, no one makes too much fuss about divorce. Employees skive their employers while employers take advantage of employees. Everyone does it. We all do it. It’s become normalised.


I grew up knowing I could trust God. My Mom and Dad lived lives in the image of God. Not in a pious or holier-than-thou kind of way, but as citizens of Earth that love God. They were neither Bible-bashers nor afraid of declaring they are children of God. They trusted God their whole lives without question. They lived a normal life. They had normal struggles and hardships and their fair share of joyful times too. Through it all, they remained faithful in trusting God’s plan for their lives. I had no reason to do differently.

Over time, that institutionalised belief started to wane. From a heavenly shiny glow, it started to take on a worldly dirty hue. Tainted by years of signals that people will let you down and break your trust. Plus, God doesn’t always stick to His promises, does He? Often, I’ve stood glaring heavenward, shaking my fist, feeling let down. More times than I’d care to admit. I thought it was healthy to debate and have doubts.

Trust God.

A recent challenge — my laptop crashed — got me rethinking the meaning of trust. It starts with trusting God. God’s word is infallible. Through everything I’ve been through — good and bad — God has never let me down. I’m still here, breathing, and living — more blessed than ever. I can trust in God’s plan for me and how my life will play out. It takes being a willing participant, a vessel for His image. His plan has been nano-second on point in every area of my life, why would I ever not trust Him?

An all-knowing God that created you and me, not as puppets to play with, but in His image. To live a life filled with love for my neighbour, love for myself, and love for God. By trusting God’s plan for me, I’m able to live a joyful life and not concern myself too much about tomorrow. Laptops crash. These things happen. Trusting God’s hand in everything, even in challenging times, removes any worry about tomorrow. I can enjoy each day for what it is, as it arrives. One nano-second at a time.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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