What Does It Cost to Live a Good Life? | #MyFridayStory №233

Frans Nel
2 min readMar 1, 2024
Rene Asmussen | Pexels

If you have ever tried to live in a way that benefits others, you likely experienced some discomfort and suffering.

You sacrificed your time and resources to help those in need. Without first tallying the cost, you selflessly faced each challenge with faith that all would work out. Even if it meant pouring from an empty cup or going without, you persisted. In caring for the suffering of others, you opened the door to spreading empathy and compassion.

This drive to help stems from a desire to live virtuously. Your purpose becomes clear — to contribute positively to society and the world. It excuses no one that this path involves struggle and pain. By ignoring suffering, many avoid fulfilling their purpose and achieving enlightenment. Accepting the conditions of this calling allows you to serve without reservation or concern for yourself.

You hand over control, trusting that the greater good will prevail. What would be the purpose of pursuing happiness if you believe it is unachievable? No matter how many setbacks, nothing deters you from bettering others’ lives. Do you get taken advantage of sometimes? Sure. Understand that people react differently to generosity. But let that not dissuade your benevolence.

My Mother was a nurse for over 50 years, choosing only to work night shifts. At Princess Hospital in Hillbrow, she cared for brain trauma patients. During school holidays, my siblings and I each spent a night shift with her. I watched her treat every patient with unconditional love and care and moved to tears if one passed away. She took on their suffering as her own.

She was a blessing to all she met.

My parents raised us to openly love and support each other and all people. I marvel at how this doctrine now passes through generations in my family, as my children and grandchildren emulate it. As the saying goes, “Good parenting is a gift that keeps giving.”

By deciding to help others, you invite the joy of generosity into your life.

Have a great weekend and please remember to be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading. 🙏

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