What is Your Area of Authority? | #MyFridayStory №234

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6 years ago today, Leap First started working with our first client.

It was a great account to have at the start of our business. The client’s brand was in good health and they had a war chest to take on the market. Their products are of a higher quality and superior to any of the competition — local or international. The products are positioned as high-end luxury. This allowed the company the benefit of charging above market price, increasing profit margins. The business is head-and-shoulders above the competition in brand equity and reputation.

We first developed a full marketing strategy together with the senior team. This helped us discover their pain points. We found out where they could punch above their weight in the market. A clear roadmap for the future is revealed in the development of the strategy. We find the single area of focus for the brand and its people — inside and outside the company.

Drumming a constant beat that everyone “gets” is paramount to the success of the strategy.

The client believed they were facing a threat from stronger brands. We discovered the company sets manufacturing and quality standards above average. Quality is something the 35-year-old family business has always believed in. The founder and chairman invented a home rowing machine in the 70s that helped set up the business. The current CEO is one of the sons of the founder. He completed a mechanical engineering degree to assist with the business. Under his leadership, the business changed direction which created a new market.

Over the years, competition has increased from local and international brands. Until we joined, the company relied on their product quality to cement its place in the market. This had created a niche that they owned alone for some time before any other brands caught up. But we discovered the company obsesses with keeping its products high-quality. They continued to innovate, tweaking and re-designing to increase the quality.

During our time working with the client, we managed to introduce a whole mid-tier range to the market. We conducted a strategy and decided to have a separate brand and positioning for the range. We developed a new brand together with the client that served as an extension to the mother brand. All the marketing and sales elements were considered and addressed. From packaging design and brand development to advertising and PR. We introduced and rolled out the new brand to the market.

During our time, the company went on to expand into the USA, United Kingdom and Australia. Working with a team of professionals and a client passionate about making a difference, is a formula for success. When a client has a clear view of “the 14th hill” and what takes to get there, being an industry leader gets easier. We achieved great milestones together.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve been fortunate to work with great clients and do some great work. We have made mistakes and learnt lessons. We’ve grown and developed, honing and adding to our services. Adding extra value has been a trademark of how we conduct ourselves. Being generous, kind and caring, helps us to stay grounded and humble. Being positive and having a high EQ makes our work fun. And knowing it’s a safe place to make mistakes, has given our creativity and ideas the space to bloom.

Turns out, the Leap First area of authority may not be what I think it is.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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