When Someone Believes in You | #MyFridayStory №245

Frans Nel
4 min readJun 17, 2022


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By the time you’re an adult, you’ve been overlooked thousands of times.

It’s not appreciation we crave.

It’s having someone believe in you.

Someone you trust thinks you’re a sure bet.

That’s what we all want, to be chosen…to be picked. Having the right people around you to do the ‘picking’ is 80 percent of the battle won. The rest is up to you. A small effort for big returns — long term. It’s at pivotable times where a well-placed person you trust will change the trajectory of your life. It sounds very, “Dun, Dun, Daaaa!” yet it will become scarily clear in hindsight. It’s only looking back over incidents that it becomes obvious where these pivotal moments were and which guardian angel has stepped in to save you.

The thing about guardian angels — because that’s what they are, even if only for a moment — they help you without expecting any reward, except for your success. This is always true, at least at the outset. A list of pivotal friends, family — and institutions — might reveal a few that you have sadly lost touch with, and a few that you’ve gladly lost touch with.

Your mentors enter your life as you age and will likely stay in your life for some time, most for a lifetime. So, they can reappear at different times, again, your biggest fan, cheering you on. I’m blessed with almost 20 mentors and institutions that believed in me — at least once in my life — that turned out to be pivotal. I know for a fact that I am in a tiny percentile exposed to as many and with such a positive influence on who I become.

My Dad and Mom loved and took care of me more than I could have asked for or deserved. While I’m on whether any of this is deserved or not… it’s a privilege. That’s the point — you can never repay your cheerleader, there is no price. My Parents remained involved in my well-being and future success until they parted this earth. So was my big Brother a lifelong mentor to me until he passed in 2020.

These people gave me a foundation of love for myself, God and my neighbour.

They believed in me to do the same.

When I started primary school, I fell deathly ill with rheumatic fever. My teacher came to my bedside in the hospital and at home to keep me up to date at a crucial time of learning. A nurse in the hospital took special care of me and stayed as a friend of the family after I left the hospital.

A Grade 1 teacher and a nurse that believed in me.

My high school Art and Geography teachers also believed in me. My family moved houses two years before I matriculated. I was fortunate to change schools — for my own good. The teachers at my final alma mater all believed in me. I have friends from five years old that have gone through high school, the army and into adult life together.

Their mentorship in business and life has never stopped.

Every employer must have believed in you at some stage. Your clients and customers all believe in you. I was fortunate to have most believe in me. Your life partner will be pivotal — good or bad. My prayer for you is a partner who never stops believing in you. Your children will be strong supporters, depending on their upbringing.

Some dire situations will need someone of influence to help you through, to support you. Overcoming addiction or alcoholism. Going to rehab and trying to get better — regardless of whether you relapse. Someone must believe in you. How about going through a divorce? Beating depression and anxiety? You will need someone pivotal to help you through.

Your best friend and your soul mate — it might be the same or different people — they believe in you. The person with whom you are intimate — the one who loves you the most — believes in you.

Where are the pivotal times in your life when a guardian angel was there to believe in you? If you look closer, you’ll likely see there are more than you thought.

Have an awesome weekend and please be generous! 😄

As always, thanks for reading 🙏

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